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Poster Presentation Guidelines

Preparing Your Poster

  1. A vertical poster board measuring 100cm (W) x 215cm (H) will be provided to display your poster. Your poster must be within the confines of the board and should avoid its edges and also the bottom part for comfortable reading. 

  2. Design a concise and visually engaging poster in English that provides an overview of the key aspects of your research and to generate discussion, including but not limited to the following information: 
    - Include the title of your research project at the top, followed by your full name and affiliate Department and/or Faculty.  
    - Provide the objectives, hypothesis, methodology, and highlight the merits and impact of your research.
    - Summarize the work carried out and interim results to date, and also the planned schedule of future work.

  3. Recommendations for poster layout:
    - Size: A0 (i.e. 84.1cm (W) x 118.9cm (H)) in portrait format. 
    - Layout: Use a column-based layout for your poster.
    - Fonts: Select sans serif font such as Arial or Helvetica and ensure proper text scaling. 
    - Text Size: Your poster should be readable from a distance of 1m. Use around 72pt (25mm high) for the poster title and at least 24pt (9mm high) for the body text. You may use larger font size, bold font or colour, etc. to highlight important points.
    - Visual Aids: Include images, diagrams, figures, etc., as appropriate, to enhance visual effectiveness. Ensure that there are no copyright infringement materials and be mindful of the resolution. 

  4. Indicate at the back of the poster at the bottom left corner your allocated presentation number, full name and Faculty.

  5. Click here for poster examples and here for free poster templates. 

Submitting Your Poster

  1. You are required to: 

    (a) submit the PDF version of your poster to the Graduate School for posting on our website. Please upload your PDF file to OneDrive by February 22, 2023.  Click here for the link to OneDrive. Format for the filename: [presentation no.]_[full name]_[Faculty], e.g. P1.5_CHAN Siu Ming_Arts.

    (b) arrange to print a hardcopy of your poster. You should put up your poster on the allocated poster board on March 7, 2023 AM before the Symposium. Adhesive for fixing your poster will be provided. You will be informed of the specific arrangements nearer in time.

  2. Dismantle your poster after the award presentation session by 6:30pm on March 7, 2023. Posters not collected will be discarded.

Presenting Your Poster

  1. Poster presentations will be held from 2:35pm to 4:30pm on March 7, 2023. You should be available at your poster board during the entire period to address any questions and discuss your research with the judging panel and audience, who are likely to be non-specialists. You are expected to be actively engaged in open discussions, communicating your research to the audience.

  2. Up to 14 presenters, on average one from each group, will be selected for the Best Poster Presenter Awards by the judging panel.  The Award, including a certificate and a cash prize of HK$500, will be announced on the same day.  

  3. Poster presentations will be assessed with reference to the following criteria:

    Poster Content•    Well-structured with clear objectives and hypothesis
    •    Methodology explained in appropriate detail
    •    Interim results well concluded 
    •    Merits and impact well presented 

    Poster Layout•    Orderly arrangement and easy to follow 
    •    Proper text scaling and coverage 
    •    Visually appealing with effective use of images, diagrams, figures, space etc. 

    Presentation Skill•    Clear, concise and professional presentation (eye contact, voice projection, pacing, confidence etc.) 
    •    Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of topic
    •    Addresses questions satisfactorily 


  1. The HKU-PS Advisory Panel and Thesis Advisory Committee will take into consideration your poster presentation when recommending the continuation, or otherwise, of your HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship.

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