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Oral presentation

  • Every oral presentation will be 10 minutes. After the presentation, there will be a 4-minute Q&A time.

  • All the live presenters are asked to submit their pre-recorded presentation data by January 31. Pre-recorded videos for live (virtual) presenters are used for the presentation and back up. Data submission instruction (storage site) will be given in December.

  • For the Best Oral Presentation Award, candidates are asked to make an on-site presentation at the Best Oral Presentation Award session.

  • All the presentations MUST include ethical considerations and the declaration of conflicts of interest.

For Onsite Presenters

  • Bring your presentation slide data to the operation desk in the room at least 1 (one) hour prior to your session starts (or at least 30 min before the first session). If your session is the first one in the morning on March 11, you are advised to bring your presentation slide data the operation desk by 16:30 on March 10.

  • Pre-session meeting with onsite presenter(s) and chair(s) will be held 30 min. before the session starts. Please visit the designated room to join the pre-meeting with other speakers and chairs.

  • In the session room, please take the speaker’s standby seat in front of the room by at least 10 min. prior to your session.

  • Your session will be recorded and made available for VOD after the EAFONS2023 until March 31, 2023.

For Virtual Presentation (Live)

  • If you are not available onsite to present, you are asked to make a presentation virtually using Zoom.

[Setting up preparation]

  • Chairs and speakers will need to access Zoom Webinar for live (virtual) presentation and Q&A.
    Please download the Zoom app on your PC beforehand. (

  • Join the session from an environment with a good and stable internet connection: a wired network connection is highly recommended.

  • Make sure that you can use the webcam, a speaker, and a headset with a microphone connected to your PC.

  • The URL for connecting to the Zoom will be sent to you by email about 2 or 3 days before the session.

[Meeting Day Timeline]

  • Briefing is set at least 45 min. before the session starts. During this briefing, an orientation of the Zoom operation and flow of the session will be given. This includes 30 min pre-meeting with chairs and speakers.

[Discussion Format]

  • When you join the Q&A and discussion, please turn your webcam and microphone on.

  • Questions will be accepted from on-site attendees and online audiences via chat or comments from the floor.

 Pre-recorded Video for ONLY Virtual Presenters

  • All the virtual presenters are asked to submit their pre-recorded presentation data by January 31 and use it for the presentation and backup in a case of unexpected troubles or accidents relating to internet on the session day. On the session day, all the virtual presenters are required to attend at the designated session on time and participate in Q & A and discussions. Pre-recorded presentations will be streamed at the designated date and time in the designated session room for on-site and online attendees, and in the exclusive portal site for the live streaming.

[Data submission]

  • Please submit your final version of the recorded presentation via a designated submission system by January 31.

  • The data submission instruction (storage site) will be given in December.

On the session day

If you are presenting on the secretariat PC

  • Please bring your data to the USB memory stick.

  • If you have prepared the presentation data on a Macintosh, you are requested to bring your own computer.

  • If you have audio and movie playback in your presentation, please bring your own computer for backup and notify the operator in advance.

  • Remote presentation system is equipped in the session room. You have a TFT monitor, mouse and USB keyboard on the podium to operate your presentation.

  • The Secretariat is responsible for destroying all copies of any data after the session.

If you bring your own PC

  • The Secretariat will prepare a Mini D-sub 15 pin PC cable connector. If your PC is not compatible with this cable connector, please bring an adaptor to connect your PC to the Mini D-sub 15 pin PC cable connector.

  • Please notify the operator in advance if you will be using videos or audio in your presentation.

  • Your presentation data file should be named as <Session Name> <Speakers Name> .ppt. and saved on your desktop.

  • Please disable screensaver, power-saving feature on your PC.

  • Please bring your AC adapter and converter with you.

  • Please bring a backup data in case of unexpected accidents on CD-R, DVD-R or USB memory stick.

  • After your presentation, please receive your computer from the operator at the venue.

  • During your presentation, please use the AC adapter included with your computer, not mini AC adapter.

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